If you or a loved one recently suffered a stroke, your vision may have been affected. Over 1/3 of stroke survivors experience vision loss.

Stroke-related hemianopsia refers to when a person can only see one side, the right or left, of each eye. In many cases, the patient may think they can only see out of one eye, even though both eyes are affected. This vision loss is due to improper brain function as a result of the stroke.

Symptoms can include failing to notice objects on a certain side which can make everyday tasks and navigating difficult. You may notice a tendency to turn your head or body to the side to see better or drifting in a direction while walking.

A thorough comprehensive vision exam and visual field test in addition to diagnostic imaging tests such as an MRI or CT scan can confirm your diagnosis.

Treatment often centers around improving your ability to navigate your environment and your reading ability. Prism glasses and vision therapy may be beneficial in alleviating symptoms but can take some time.

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