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Doctor + Technology = Success!

Dear Dr. Rummel,

In June, my husband saw you, at that time peripheral vision in in his right eye was non-existant and he had problems with field cuts in both eyes. He was very depressed thinking he could never do things or return to work. This all resulted from a stroke he had on April 13, 1994.You suggested he try the peripheral vision prism glasses. They were made and put on his glasses. It took a while to get used to them but, in about two to three weeks things were brought from the sides to the front of his vision. He is doing very well now and is much happier. He is scheduled to go back to work after Labor day.We didn’t realize that this could work so well and so quickly. Fortunately for him they have his new technology and a doctor such as yourself could help him. We are very much pleased with the results and grateful for both.


The Ahern’s, Ginny and John