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For those of you that feel there is no hope, please read on…

For those of you that feel there is no hope, please read on… In Aug. 2003 my husband and I were involved in a serious auto accident which resulted in my husband sustaining serious injuries including the loss of 75% of his vision due to head trauma. To his family and friends he was always referred to as hawk eye because his vision was so good. So needless to say that when he was examined by an eye doctor after coming out of a coma he was in for three weeks and being told that most of his vision was gone and nothing could be done about it, we were devastated and had no hope until we made an appointment with DR.RUMMEL.

He examined him extensively and ‘confirmed what the other doctor told us with the exception of one thing there was a way of utilizing the sight he had left. DR. RUMMEL designed and located a lab that made up glasses called (vision field awareness devise). This device utilizes the sight he has left in the lower left part of his eye so that it brings objects down when he looks at them. This way he can see anything above him without always looking up. Amazing isn’t it.When told what he planned to do we weren’t very optimistic, but he was encouraging. When we asked, what if they didn’t work? He was determined.

I am now looking forward to giving up my Chauffeurs cap and my husband is now enjoying doing the things he was unable to do before he had these glasses. Because of the determination and efforts of DR.RUMMEL he has restored a big part of our lives and we thank him sincerely for this. My husband still has a long road ahead of him because of his other injuries, but things have been made easier for him to move on. And for all of you that thought there was no hope…Have faith, because DR, RUMMEL was given a very special gift. We would also like to thank all of DR. RUMMEL'S staff for their care and concern.